Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Beyond the darkest dot...

I desired to make it happen
So, for long hours I thought
I worked and saw and analyzed
Beyond the darkest dot.

Then one day before spring came
I formed the sheltered plot
With the fresh new leaves and the spots of green
I actualized my deepest thought.

As the green grew deep and the swings did sweep
I built on all my want
When the first drops fell and the stream did swell
I drew the larger font.

Then came the fall, all harsh and small
In wilderness I did wander
The trees went barren, the wind howled like a distressed heron
The dry leaves took along with them, the thoughts that I did ponder.

In the testing cold and bitter times
No footprints did I see
Time went by lost and forlorn… I almost breathed my last
At that very breath, in the deepest frost, I saw the golden sea…

I basked in its beauty
A new life it gave, a new vision for me to see
And somewhere deep down in life
I felt innate tranquility.

As the sea grew deep and prettier indeed
I reflected on all that I squandered
I knew now what I forgot
I knew now that I was peace… I was what I always sought

And so I desired, and so I thought
And analyzed beyond the darkest dot
Coz now I knew what I forgot…
That spring would come after the frost.