Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Stood man with his sin

In the whirlpool of emotions
All fell still
In the torrent of incidents
Stood man with his sin

He had nothing to say
He could do nothing but stare
He felt none but regret
Yet, he could not fret

In the stillness of the air
There was a breath of cool freshness
In the rush of the minute
There was a silence not far

He soiled at every mistake
And joy took him far
A tear for every error
A leap a little too far

There was a moment of tremor
He feared and shivered from
He fought his best to hide from
But the path came along

He feared to set foot on
But yet he had to walk
His destiny lay way ahead
His error was that he stopped

He stopped and lost the battle
Even before it had begun
He then drenched and wallowed in shallow sea
And its name was self pity

When the tornado struck and all fell still
Upon creation, he found written
The battle he had lost was always a win-win
Then stood man alone, all alone, with his sin.

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