Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another 45 rhythmic breathers!

Sajita and me- 2 rocking teachers on the course
Participants sharing heart warming experiences on the last day of the course
45 more people in whom the seed is now sown, who have opened another doorway to work with emotions, thoughts and feelings. 45 more people, who will breathe free, smile more and live better! Am just done with another Part 1 course – another opportunity to spread the ancient knowledge that His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji has revived on this planet. Every moment of donning the teachers’ role, of allowing the Guru to talk through you was an experience that refreshed the mind, rejuvenated the body and soothed the soul. Each moment on the course was so special for me. A moment to treasure and yet not hold on to; And for me, another reason among the millions I already have to be grateful to my Guru, to bow down to HIM… another opportunity to see the event and appreciate the happening.

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Ramesh Kasturi said...

Ah ... yet another Part-1 course. But not so.

Every Part-1 course has been a completely new experience for me and new learnings each time. This time it was time management and efficiency at work. Two batches in a day - I never imagined, I could be sitting in both classes, with truck loads of work. But during these six days, I gave my 100% at whatever I did - not a single minute wasted - I not only finished all my work ahead of time, but also with better quality. This brought in me a sense of achievement and satisfaction.

This course was really wonderful, as all other Part-1 courses. Listening to the experiences of the people at the end of the class is truly touching. The way Sudarshan Kriya transforms people - helping them get rid of their stresses, come out of their comfort zones, overcome inhibitions, bring a big smile on each face - this is miraculous.

- Ramesh