Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Something about that evening

The deep lines along his forehead, the dark hollows of his cheek, the shallow feel of his skin hanging limp by his face, the depth of his eyes… they saw the pineapple yellow of the setting sun, but those rays also brought along with them a setting boredom in those deep eyes. After all, he had seen many a yellow sunset, many an autumn and felt a few too many times the warmth of the cool evening breeze. And yet, that sunset was special, was different, and was nothing like he had seen before. The breeze wasn’t like the one he had felt in the many passing years.

There was something about that evening which held him spell bound, which made him want to breathe deep, to sing like he had never done before, to play, to dance… the light that the setting sun was taking with it, in that light, he wanted to immerse himself. He wanted to bathe in those rays, to laugh while the sun tried to steal them from him… cause he owned those rays… he was their master… today, he was the carrier of light. His heart was dancing, not even waiting for his body to move an inch. His heart was overjoyed, was pouring love and bliss. His smile got wider with every passing breath… his mind raced through the past, through moments of joy, through the pains of birth…

There was something about that evening, about the breeze… there was something about those setting rays that weren’t the same as he had ever experienced. There was something about that evening when he wanted to dance, to laugh, to play… something that made him want to live and yet, his eyelids felt heavy, he simply couldn’t gaze into the distance, something closed his eyes… something about the sun rays - burnt through his supple skin… something about the warm breeze - chilled him to the bone… taking away all that he ever had… leaving behind a smile that froze… there was something about that evening that took his breath away… never to bring it back…

PS. I don't know why I wrote this... yet, even while writing it, I realised for probably the first time, how beautiful and intriguing the mystery of death is- a secret that can never be unravelled! What also came to me, was the importance of living each moment to the fullest- like its our last one... being 100 per cent in each moment! (The Guru never ceases to provide us opportunities to reiterate and live the knowledge!)

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