Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hop on & sit back!

2 years is a lot of time. Well, that depends on how you perceive it. Sometimes it moves grudgingly, dragging its heavy iron clad feet and yet sometimes it fleets away like a bouncing spring cloud in a gust of breeze. Life assumes many shapes; in my case it went from heavily convex to an attempt at plaining out- to heavily convex again and now, a frantic attempt at flattening itself straight. Life gives in abundance; for me it packed many gifts in 2 pocket sized bundles- Shivapriya & Guruprasad. Life takes back; from me it ruthlessly & hastily snatched away Dad; taking him back to the source and leaving us incomplete. Life teaches us all the way, I'll start with midnight snacking and move on to an uncanny, uncharasteristicly clam demeanour titled patience.
Well, to cut a long story short, there has been a flood under the bridge since I spoke to you all last. So much so, that I could write many novellas just based on what I've seen and been through over the last 2 years. While I was caught up in this madness, there has been a part of me left untended to, ignored but definitely not forgotten- this blog- which unfortunately wasn't able to keep pace with what life had thrown me into. Now, however, I am back with a vengeance. Am back to make you laugh & cry, to take you on my little escapades, to entertain you, to enthral you, to journey with you on this voyage of self discovery.
So, hop on... Let the adventures restart!


Inkspire said...

Good to see you back Sweets!
Welcome back to the blogosphere :D

Unknown said...

Thanks Shweta. I see that you've donned the invisibility cloak :) I am slowly slipping out of mine and the world seems a new place all of a sudden! Enjoy your hibernation while it lasts :) heres to some ZZzzzzz's

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