Thursday, September 5, 2013

Not so verbose me :)

One fine day, a rather verbose me decided to try something new... twitter fiction. Tell a story in not more than 140 characters... a single tweet story. Much to my own amazement, I actually managed! and whats more, I even won the first place in the Word Weavers 2013 Contest... Yippee!!!

Here's what I dished out... and now, I look forward to your comments!

Twitter Fiction (Pic courtesy: The Guardian)

  • Grief- death. Gain- property division. Hers- discarded utensils. Fate she thought. Silver shone through on washing them. Fate she laughed!              
  • A deep look at all sights & sounds familiar. A long breath. Once inside those magnetic doors, he would fly across many seas to a new life.                    
  • She had beauty & bounty- like summer clouds. Her sister had neither. Her kids like dark rain clouds, showered love & joy on all.                                             
  • They had the gems. We had the skill. The jewels glittered & blinded morality from their heart. All was well until human nature meddled.                                  
  • A ear piercing scream. A wail. A blur of activity. Million watt smiles. Boxes of sweets. A new life was born. 

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