Monday, July 26, 2010

Until the candles burn along...

The angels came together
They danced in utmost glee
The Mozarts of all the times
Composed seductive cacophony.

The candles in all their scent
Lit up, shone bright and warm
The flowers in all their dainty
Blossomed, beautiful and calm.

You weren’t there and yet you were
I’ve waited and I will wait still long
The words are there, the rhythm too
I’ll wait till we are the song.

I sat and watched, you weren’t there
Yet I’ve felt you in deep and strong
I’ll wait for you, however long
I’ll wait till you come along.

The music shan’t die, the candles can’t burn out
The flowers can never droop
No dance can stop, no moon can wane
Until I have the hope.

I shall wait, and wait, forever long
I shall wait till you come
Till the cacophony, the flowers and me
And candles can burn along.

PS. I wrote this one many years ago, stumbled upon it during the weekend house cleaning and decided to post it... :) It's amazing the stuff that can tumble out of your cupboard when you least expect it!


Anonymous said...

Waiting is painful... but thats what drives us forward... In the expectation that things will change

Philosoph3r said...

Very...poignant, thats the word for it! Loved how you've managed to express the longing..amazing. Took me way back down memory lanes that I haven't travelled down for a while. Hope you get to find more such gems! :-)

Manju said...


Are you the same Shwetal who wrote an article for CNN IBN concerning a village in Andhra Pradesh's Medak district called Shankhapur?
About villagers who built their own station..

If so, could you please email me at
We are working on a short film revolving around the same theme and would love to ask you a few questions.

Unknown said...

@dattaabhishek- true. In fact, sometimes, it is the wait that makes the meeting ever so beautiful

@Philosoph3r- Thank you so much for your kind words. :) I went down memoery lane as well, when I found this one... (psst... I found a few more, will post later)

Unknown said...

@Manju- well, you've stumbled on the right Shwetal. I have dropped you an email. :)

Bindu said...

please keep cleaning your place:) wouldn't want to miss such treasured gems!

Unknown said...

@Bindu- LOL!!! But I cant miss the praise... thanks so much :)

Ann Dee said...


You still write poetry?

~Nid (just in case you're wondering who this could be :)

Deepika said...

Beautiful poem. There was a time when I wrote some too. Now they all are lost in time.
Hoping to see more poems from you.